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cause we`re the vintage scene kids on the street

o1.Name ;; Amber or just Ber
o2.Age ;; 15
o3.Birthdate ;; o8.26.89
o4.Location ;; Pennsauken, Nj
o5.Bi, Straight, Or gay ;; Straight

o1.Name at least 5 of your favorite bands Boys night out, Senses Fail, The Get up Kids, Saves the Day, Hopesfall, Fall Out Boy, Mirror Theory (local), Fell Far Behind (local)
o2.What is your favorite song at the moment? Armor for Sleep - Car Underwater
o3.Name at least 3 of your favorite movies. The Goonies, The Newsies, Girl Interupted, Thirteen, Big Fish, Now and Then
o4.Name at least 2 of your favorite books. The perks of being a Wallflower & Whale Talk
o5.What is your favorite T.V show? Degrassi, and Laguna Beach
o6.What is your favorite clothing store? Village Thrift, A&E, Charlotte Rouse
o7.What is your favorite color[s]? green, blue and gray

This or That
o1. Coke or Sprite? coke
o2. Rain or Snow? rain
o3. Cold or warm? warm
o4. Vintage or scene? vintage
o5. Guitar or Drums? i play guitar, so definatly guitar

Opinions, and give details/explanations
o1. Self Mutilation ;; If you want to cut because you "love" pain, you might have serious issues. I don't really like it when people say they do it because they have problems going on at home or things like that. Work it out? I had a friend or 2 that cut and they stopped because me and my friends convinced them it was just hurts others more then themselves.
o2. Abortion ;; Nobody should kill an innocent life just because that person was not responsible to wear a condom. If you don't want the baby, give it to a home that will love and care for it in ways you might have not.
o3. George W. Bush ;; Not my kind of person. Kerry was way better. Bush is just not the right man who should be controlling the US.
o4. Gay Marriage ;; I don't know what the big deal is. I'm not against it at all. It's great if two people love each other. It's just sad that our country can't see that.
o5. Eating disorders ;; So unhealthy, people these days do need a few pounds added to their stick figure body to pass for human. I'm fine the way I am 125lbs, sure some might say i'm a little chunky, I don't care. That's what start eating disorders, people picking on others. Pure wrong.
o6. Suicide ;; You not only hurting yourself, your also killing the people who had loved and cared for you your whole life. It's just these days kids are so hurtful, or don't take the time to just say "Hey whats up?" to a new or just lonley kid in the hallway. That would make my day, lol.
o7. Vintage ;; Love it!

Promote us in at least 3 places and show exact links please

Post at least 3 clear pictures of your face [Please nothing inappropriate]

I Look so weird in that last one
Yeah so that's me? lol

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because your opinions, bands, & favorite song.
&& you have a really pretty smile. :)
ohh man, thanxx! i usually hate
the way i smile all the time ::ber
you seem pretty much awesome.
spanx alot <33
hmm so?