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Cause we're the vintage scene kids on the street.

o1.Name ; Jackie;
o2.Age ; 16;
o3.Birthdate ; September 9th, 1988;
o4.Location ; Michigan;
o5.Bi, Straight, Or gay ;Straight;

o1.Name at least 5 of your favorite bands: Head Automatica, MotionCitySoundtrack, Mae, UnderOath, Straylight Run, Glassjaw, The Academy Is

o2.What is your favorite song at the moment? Tension and Terror by Straylight Run
o3.Name at least 3 of your favorite movies. Footloose, A Beautiful Mind, Office Space, Requiem for a Dream
o4.Name at least 2 of your favorite books. Fight Club, and the Harry Potter Series
o5.What is your favorite T.V show? Sex and the City
o6.What is your favorite clothing store? Hollister or WetSeal
o7.What is your favorite color[s]? Green, Teal, Brown, White, Pink

This or That
o1. Coke or Sprite? Sprite
o2. Rain or Snow? Rain
o3. Cold or warm? Warm
o4. Vintage or scene? Vintage
o5. Guitar or Drums? Guitar

Opinions, and give details/explanations
o1. Self Mutilation ;You have to love yourself in order to be loved.;
o2. Abortion ; I'm against the act of abortion, but I do believe that woman have the right to make thier own choices and that it should be legal.;
o3. George W. Bush ;Lying bastard;
o4. Gay Marriage ;Everyone should have the chance to love whoever they want and be happy;
o5. Eating disorders ; If you have one, you really need to talk about your problems. Their is always someone who will listen;
o6. Suicide ;Don't take the easy way out.;
o7. Vintage ; I always knew my parents had style.;

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