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o1.Name ;; Joanne
o2.Age ;; 15
o3.Birthdate ;; June 9
o4.Location ;; River Grove, IL
o5.Bi, Straight, Or gay ;; Straight

o1.Name at least 5 of your favorite bands. They would have to be... Bright eyes, The Sounds, The Bled, Weezer, and Fear Before The March of Flames.
o2.What is your favorite song at the moment? Something Vague - Bright Eyes.
o3.Name at least 3 of your favorite movies. The Notebook, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocholate Factory.
o4.Name at least 2 of your favorite books. The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Night. [so sad.]
o5.What is your favorite T.V show? The O.C. for sure. <3
o6.What is your favorite clothing store? I like to shop everywhere and anywhere but i do like Wet Seal alot.
o7.What is your favorite color[s]? Green.

This or That
o1. Coke or Sprite? Sprite.
o2. Rain or Snow? Rain.
o3. Cold or warm? Cold.
o4. Vintage or scene? Vintage.
o5. Guitar or Drums? Drums.

Opinions, and give details/explanations
o1. Self Mutilation ;; Yuk. But i must say i dont know what to say about this one.
o2. Abortion ;; I think that whatever you feel is right is what you should do, but honestly i wouldnt do it.
o3. George W. Bush ;; Not to fond of him. But who is?
o4. Gay Marriage ;; All for it. If you want to you should be able too.
o5. Eating disorders ;; Ive never been through this before but i feel bad for people who do have them.
o6. Suicide ;; Everyone thought about it, most people dont actually do it though. Ive even thought of it. Everyone gets depressed from time to time.
o7. Vintage ;; Ill say that i like what it has too it and its just a cute look.

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