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o1.Name ;; Shelby
o2.Age ;; 12
o3.Birthdate ;; June 17th, 1992
o4.Location ;; Chatsworth, California
o5.Bi, Straight, Or gay ;; Straight

o1.Name at least 5 of your favorite bands ;; The Killers, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Weezer, and Pepper 
o2.What is your favorite song at the moment? Give it up by Pepper
o3.Name at least 3 of your favorite movies. Nightmare Before Christmas, Grease, and A Walk To Remember
o4.Name at least 2 of your favorite books. Harry Potter series and Charlie Bone series (i know a bit dorky)
o5.What is your favorite T.V show? The O.C.
o6.What is your favorite clothing store? Pacific Sun, Tilly's
o7.What is your favorite color[s]? Blue, Green, Pink, and Black

This or That
o1. Coke or Sprite? Sprite
o2. Rain or Snow? Rain
o3. Cold or warm? Both
o4. Vintage or scene? Both
o5. Guitar or Drums? Drums

Opinions, and give details/explanations
o1. Self Mutilation ;; Not good.
o2. Abortion ;; If you get pregneant at the wrong time its your fault. but if it is really bad timing than go for it.
o3. George W. Bush ;; I hate him. He is dumb in my opinion, President or no President
o4. Gay Marriage ;; Fine with me.
o5. Eating disorders ;; Not good for the body as well as the mind.
o6. Suicide ;; Terrible. There is nothing worse.
o7. Vintage ;; Awesome

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